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Quality of Earnings

A Quality of Earnings  report focuses on the economic earnings power of the business.  Businesses are typically valued for their sustainable earnings and the potential growth of these earnings.  A report on the Quality of Earnings should provide assurance that the earnings are sustainable and will translate into cash flows.

Collateral Examinations

Our Firm's Examiners have extensive experience with the following types of collateral examinations:


Healthcare (Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies)

Manufacturers, Distributors






Precious Metals/Diamonds

Lawsuit Funding

Construction Financing

Interim CFO Services

Our CFO’s use their expertise, across a wide range of industries, to help you grow your Company and provide the necessary support to help you with your accounting and finance functions.

Our CFO’s have more applicable experience than a typical full-time employee. Our compensation structure is leveraged to work with you on a part-time, interim or project basis.

Please contact us for more details.

Accounting and Tax

Boston & Associates, P.C. provides businesses with Audits, Reviews, or Compilations of their financial statements.


Audit - An Audit is performed to express an opinion of the fairness of a company's financial position. Procedures are performed to enable our firm to determine that the company's financial statements accurately reflect the true financial condition of the company.

Review - A Review, though not as detailed as an Audit, provides the client with a financial report expressing limited assurance that no material changes are necessary to the financial statements. A review will provide a client with the satisfaction of having our firm review financial statements and records to ensure that all are properly maintained.


Compilation - Compilation is performed to help the client arrange financial information into a financial statement format, without expressing any assurance on the figures.


Boston & Associates, P.C. will work with each client to determine what level of service would be best for their needs. The accountants at Boston & Associates are experienced at each level and will work closely with the client to make observations and recommendations that will enable the client to grow and prosper.

Tax Preparation & Planning
It has been our experience that clients desire not only financial advice, but more importantly advice on tax planning. Our firm is dedicated to providing clients with up-to-the-minute tax planning. We are constantly reviewing the tax law and looking for ways to help our clients reduce their tax liability. Boston & Associates, P.C. recognizes the importance of proper tax planning as well as the importance of timely and accurate tax preparation whether it be Corporate, Partnership, or Individual Tax returns. All returns are processed on in-house computers, which is more efficient and cost-effective. Whether starting a new business or structuring complicated deals, Boston & Associates, P.C. can make tax planning simple and profitable.

Internal Control Review

Boston & Associates, P.C. has the experienced professionals to lead your organization through the maze of internal controls. As Certified Public Accountants, Certified Internal Auditors and Certified Fraud Examiners, we know the risks, how to identify the risks and how to help you implement the controls needed to mitigate the risks. We can design internal controls specially tailored for your organization or company.


During the past few years it has become evident that Management and the Boards of Trustees have had to accept a greater responsibility for internal controls. Boston & Associates can lead your organization through the complexity of internal controls and help you implement the controls needed to safeguard your organization. As experienced auditors and certified fraud examiners, Boston & Associates has the depth to be responsive to your internal audit needs. If you are looking for experienced, knowledgeable and vigilant auditors to test your controls, we are the firm for you. Whether you need to supplement your existing internal audit resource, have a specific audit to perform, would like us to assist you in identifying those areas in need of audit attention, or just need additional help, Boston & Associates has the professionals to get the job done. 


Specializing in Internal Control Reviews and Internal Audit Services for Institutions of Higher Learning, these services include examination and assessment of: 


  • Business risks facing Institutional leadership​

  • Compliance with policies, procedures, laws and regulations, including the Code of Conduct

  • Safeguarding and assuring the economic and efficient use of Institutional assets

  • Accuracy, reliability, integrity and security of Institutional information

  • Development and implementation of methods, systems and procedures

  • Suspected fraud, waste, abuse, etc.

  • Adequacy of internal controls regardless of location, form or media

  • Accomplishment of established goals for operations or programs 

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